Christmas 2023

Posted by Karen Sabados on

Winter is here! There is snow on the ground that doesn't look like it has any intention of leaving any time soon. C'est la vie.

Hopefully everyone got their fall chores done. We certainly worked right to the last minute and beyond. But potatoes, cabbage and carrots are thankfully harvested. Garlic and tulips are also planted and the nursery trees have been safely stored for the winter season.

Everyone we have spoken to have commented that they have had a good harvest of vegetables for the winter season. With food prices in stores not showing any signs of abating, having a plentiful garden is a wonderful thing. Gardening makes sense on so many levels, from relaxation, fulfillment, beauty of flowers and for vegetable gardening the taste and satisfaction of having grown it yourself. 

Now we are focused on putting the final touches on the Holiday season displays and offerings and also taking bookings for workshops.

Have a look at the our new "Around the Greenhouse" gallery page to have a peek at what's happening at the greenhouse. 

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