Happy Mother's Day

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Its almost Mothers Day! Best wishes from all our staff to all moms out there!

All holidays are nice but I think there is something extra special about Mother's Day (and Father's Day - Dad's you aren't forgotten!) because it is a whole day that we take to tell our parents how much we love them.

Flowers are one of the most popular gifts on Mother's Day, but taking your mom to a greenhouse adds a whole different level of meaning to that gift. Not only does she get flowers, one of the top Mother's Day gifts, but she also gets to spend dedicated time with her family. I see this every year here in the greenhouse, moms and daughters together, sometimes Grandmothers, mothers and daughters all spending time with each other, laughing and smiling. Flowers bring people together and I am happy to be a part of such a wonderful environment.

Of course, a new spring season wouldn't truly be underway unless we added something new to our greenhouse. This year we are offering for the first time ever, fresh cut florist flowers! Check out our display:

We are excited about having fresh flowers, and we hope that you are too. You can purchase straight out of the cooler and create your own bouquet, or you can ask us to create an arrangement for you. Either way, you will get something fresh and beautiful.

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