January, 2024

Posted by Karen Sabados on

Welcome to the New Year! We are actually having some winter weather now which really is a good thing in the long run. Also very grateful for the snow we have received, some is better than none and will help with spring moisture conditions. 

Now is the time of year to plan and dream about next summer's gardening. A warm spot to make lists and watch the wind howl outside is such a sweet thing! What are you planting this year? Thought about it yet? You bet I have lists, which will probably be changing regularly right up until the time the seed goes into the ground! 

Seeding is under way in the greenhouse and some little plants are poking their heads up. So exciting to see! 

Colleen is doing a painting workshop on Feb. 3rd at the greenhouse. It is posted, but it will fill up quickly so if you think you would like to participate in this class, don't hesitate to purchase your ticket. The subject is a Chickadee on a spring branch of pussy willows.

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