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Welcome to the greenhouse!

We are in full production to grow a wonderful crop of plants for this year's gardens. Flowers are blooming, plants growing and new spring stock arriving. Drop by to have a peek! 

We are open for in store browsing as well as curbside pick-up if you are more comfortable with that. After all of the turmoil of this past year, we are wishing for a smooth spring season without lock-downs!  WIWCD orders are on track for early May pick-ups. This year it won't be necessary to make an appointment to pick-up your order or to shop in store. Just drop by. Doesn't that feel like a step towards normality?

We will have to limit the number of people inside the store at any time, of course, like all Manitoba business' at this time. But we are not anticipating that it will make for a very long wait for anyone. If it helps to plan your visit, our quietest times are Wednesdays, mornings(especially Sunday) and from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm in the evening.

We are increasing the amounts of vegetable plants that we are starting to meet the needs of many gardeners to ensure that there won't be shortages.

Seed potatoes and onion sets will be arriving before mid-April. Be sure to secure yours early! 

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