Spring 2020

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   Our wish for all is that everybody is well and of good cheer. These are unprecedented times and very trying. As other provinces have instituted measures to help curb the spread of this outbreak, it is likely that these measures will also be enacted here in Manitoba eventually. I would like to share a little of what is happening here in the greenhouse.

    Our spring season is just around the corner and has in fact, begun.We are proceeding with growing at the greenhouse of our spring plants. The plants are looking good, growing well and will be available for the spring season. We will work to continue to find a way for customers to receive plants. Greenhouses are currently deemed an essential business by other Provincial governments in provinces that have instituted measures to curb the spread of this virus by closing non-essential business. We are hoping that it will be the same in Manitoba when, and if, the time comes for such actions. This can change of course, but that is the current thinking. Food is essential and the growing of a home garden has never been more important. Flower plants also contribute to mental well-being  and promote healthy living within the home. Shall we call them Victory Gardens?

    We are currently doing contactless pick-up for purchases. When you come to the greenhouse you will find a table inside the door for pick up and the rest of the greenhouse is cordoned off. We are and have been for awhile disinfecting doorknobs, countertops, etc. after every customer. We will continue to do that diligently.

    Phone(204-762-5879) or email (sabados@xplornet.ca)  or contact us on the Contact us page of  the www.sabadosgreenhouse.ca website if you would like to order and we will bring it to the front of the store for pick up. 

    More cheerful and upbeat is the opportunity for families that live under the same roof and are confined to home, to connect and enjoy planting  a few seeds and watching them grow.

    Other projects that might be fun- try planting some homegrown potatoes even this early, at the end of March. If you have your own garden potatoes that will sprout,(commercially available potatoes are treated to not sprout) planting some now in a little pot and transplanting later to a bigger pot for the deck is a great way to get early potatoes. We do this each year and are enjoying new potatoes very early in the season.  If you are short of potatoes, try peeling your potatoes a little thicker and just plant the peels and eat the inside of the potato. A trick my Mom use to do on years when we were a little short of potatoes.

    We have in stock seeds, soil mixes, fertilizers, and some plants are ready like celery and lettuce. Great to get some projects going.

    I am really missing the early spring interaction with all the avid gardeners who come to tour the greenhouses early in the season but everyone's continued health is super important. 

Canadians are a resilient people, we will get through this together, 




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  • Missing visiting the green house. How are the tomatoes doing?

    Janet on
  • Missing visiting the green house. How are the tomatoes doing?

    Janet on
  • Missing visiting the green house. How are the tomatoes doing?

    Janet on

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