The Two Little Cabinets That Could

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It all started a few months ago. Unsuspecting of consequences, we stood in our tiny gift store and said: wouldn't it be nice to change those two little cabinets? Little did we know that we were unleashing a massive project that appears to have a mind of its own. One thing led to another. One small improvement made the rest look shabby. Before we knew it we were pulling everything out, installing new lights, buying paint, bead board paneling, patio bricks, unending new display cabinets and shelving. When the dust settled both literally and figuratively we thought we were out of the woods and we cautiously offered each other congratulations on a job well done. And then somehow, and no one really remembers how, we found ourselves less than a week later back at the lumber store buying more supplies. This time to build a greenhouse in which to house tropical plants and houseplants year round.

Our greenhouse is not huge, but we always find things to do. When we are not building or renovating or growing plants (which is actually what we do as our primary occupation despite what the local lumber store might believe) we are finding ways to make our greenhouse better for our customers. The past two years have been amazing years for us, filled with many changes. We started hosting workshops and the response has been very enthusiastic. We started selling fresh Christmas trees and gifts and again, the response was fantastic. On our side we love decking the greenhouse out for Christmas and are looking forward to this coming season. (In no small part because we will be able to use our brand new solarium!)

We love what we do, and we are looking forward to sharing it with you. This is the story of our greenhouse, as told through anecdotes, tutorials, pictures and anything else we feel is worthy of sharing. Here you will find behind-the-scenes of our greenhouse, advice on gardening, (and hopefully) some entertaining reads.


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