The upcoming season!

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 Here we are, well into Autumn and Christmas is in sight! If ever there was a year we needed Good Cheer and Peace on Earth, this is it! I am excited to think about the upcoming season and the happiness it can bring to everyone in the face of so much stress this year. 

Our new Christmas stock is arriving and we hope to have most things in place by the end of the first week in November. This year we will have an expanded toy section to help find a perfect gift for a little one. Vintage style toys as well as STEM toys, puppets and bears! We will have Christmas trees, ornaments, gifts, plants, candy and so much more! 

We are currently, however, not doing workshops for Christmas because of the Co-vid regulations. BUT we will have our workshops made into kits that you can purchase and do your project at home. The kit will have all the ingredients for the the project and instructions to make it. This seemed like a way to still have a joyful time this year in the light of world happenings. We're going to miss all of you, though, the workshops are always so much fun for us as well. Hopefully the world will right itself back on its axis and start twirling properly by next year(?!) and we will do classes again.

Christmas trees should be here on time for the third week in November, we are not expecting any delays in the shipping of these. (But the world keeps throwing unexpected surprises). The Christmas greens are in now and we will begin making up kits. The poinsettias are starting their magical change to red and pink. And we will have all the Christmas plants and cut flowers to shop from that we usually have. 

We are open 10 am until 7 pm every day of the week.

Take care and stay safe, Karen

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  • Thank you for putting kits together. You guys are awesome. I definitely want a Christmas Planter kit.

    Cindy Thorkelson on

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