Whats happening: the Autumn edition

Posted by Emily Sabados on

With Fall edging into sight, all things Autumn are beginning to happen at the greenhouse. Here is an update on whats going on around here.

Our Fall Mums are doing spectacularly. Decorating for fall is as simple as placing some of these around your yard. They are just starting to bloom and in a few days they will be total balls of colour!

Our houseplant collection continues to grow (pun intended!) Avoid gardening withdrawal this fall by jungalowing your house.

Pumpkins! New this year we are growing pumpkins for late Autumn sales. Here is a sneak preview of how they are looking so far.

What better way to celebrate fall gardening than by planting flower bulbs? We always try to make things fun for our customers and so we are selling our bulbs un-crated which means that you get to pick the most absolutely perfect bulbs.

Garlic mania strikes again! Garlic is so simple to grow and it tastes sooo good when its fresh from the garden that its no wonder that this is one of our most popular fall items.


Until next time, happy gardening from the Sabados Greenhouse team.


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