What is Order Pick-up?

We do not ship orders, they must be picked up at our store front as a curbside pick up. When you place your order you will be notified through email when it is ready to pick up. Please bring your order number with you for faster service. Your order will be made available to you in a contactless manner. 


Can I pick up my order the same day I place the order?

We print out the day's orders first thing in the morning so if you get your order in before 9am then chances are good that we will get to your order on the same day. Otherwise, it will be grouped into the next day's orders. 


Something came up and I can't pick up my order on the right day, what do I do?

Call or email us and we will find a work around solution.


How soon ahead do I have to order?

At least a day in advance, we cannot offer same day service because we must spend so much time tending to our plants!


Can a friend pick up my order for me?

Yes! Absolutely! As long as they have your order number and arrive at the correct time.


Do I have to pick-up my order on the same day that I receive my notification?

Yes! Please! We are dealing with live plants here and as soon as we pick your order we are physically removing them from standard watering schedules. It is extremely difficult to keep your plants in top shape after they have been picked, and its in your best interest to pick them up as soon as you get your pick up email. 


I made an order and want to add to it while I'm picking up. What do I do?

The easiest would be to submit another order from your cell phone or other device with clear comments in the check out to alert us to your situation. On our busiest days it may be impossible, but we will do our best to accommodate you. 


Why can't I buy a specific plant yet?

If you see a listing in the store that you can't put in your cart it is because the plants are not yet ready for sale. They are still too small. Please be patient and check back often as availability is updated frequently. 

I received an order confirmation email a few seconds after checking out. Does this mean I can pick up already?

No, The order confirmation email is automatically sent to all orders that check out as a way of telling you that you were successful in placing an order. The order will then be waiting in our inbox for filling. You will receive a second email from us later that will clearly state that your order is ready for pick up.

Some of your plants are sold in 6 packs, what is that?

This means that you will be buying six plants for the price shown. Often our bedding flowers and vegetables are offered in this format as it is an economical choice for our customers. 



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