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These vines are a classic, where many of us got our start in collecting houseplants!

Very easy care, pothos will thrive in bright, diffuse light or low light levels equally well. As to soil type, both nutrient rich and nutrient poor work just fine, but we recommend this soil.

Technically not in the pothos family, they are Epipremnum aureum. If that is too much Latin for you, just enjoy the beautiful foliage, no matter what it's called lol!


For the curious amongst us who are still reading this, the reason behind the confusion of names is that these plants lack the ability to transcribe the gibberellin (GA) biosynthetic gene EaGA3ox1, which means they rarely bloom. They were first named in 1880 and it wasn't until 1962 that one was observed blooming, and researchers realized the bloom looks nothing like the pothos family (which is more closely related to peace lilies) and renamed them. 



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