ALPINE CURRANT Ribes alpinum 'Schmidt'

Hardiness / Exposure: Zone 2 / Full sun to part shade

Height: 3ft - 5ft

Spread: 3 ft

Foliage Colour: Shiny Green

Fall Foliage: Yellow

Growth Habit: Compact, mounding

Flower Colour: Yellow

Bloom Time: Spring

Key Features: Alpine currant is useful for hedging. It is easily trimmable to a desired shape. its dark green shiny foliage is a great hedging material.

Uses: Hedging, mass planting, borders, foundation plantings

Planting Instructions: 

-Dig a hole 2-3 times the root ball width and same depth as root ball.

-Carefully remove plastic pot and cut through any circling roots.

-Position the root ball in the center of the hole and ensure the tree is standing straight. If necessary, tip the root ball to adjust the tree.

-Partially backfill the hole with loamy soil, tamp the soil with your heel to remove air pockets, water to settle the soil and finish backfilling around the root ball with good soil.  Avoid using heavy clay-based soil.

-Remove tags and labels.

-Water soil well at planting and continue to water throughout the summer. Do not not let the tree go dry.

-Applying mulch will help help retain moisture and reduce weeds.





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