Artemesia, Silver Mound

Bloom Season: Foliage

Plant Habit: Mounding

Characteristics: Easy care

Water: Medium

Fertilize: Occasionally

Height: 12-14"

Width: 12" - 24"

Exposure: Sun, part sun

Available Varieties: Silver Mound

                               Common Wormwood

General Information: 

Silver Mound is a low-maintenance plant, making it an ideal choice for busy gardeners or those new to gardening. It requires minimal care and attention, making it a hassle-free addition to any garden.

One of the standout features of Silver Mound is its exceptional drought tolerance. This plant is well-suited to dry and arid climates, making it an excellent choice for water-wise gardens. It can thrive in sandy or rocky soil and does not require frequent watering.

If you have struggled with deer or rabbit damage in your garden, Silver Mound can provide a solution. This plant is known for its resistance to browsing by deer and rabbits, making it a great choice for gardens located in areas with high wildlife activity.

Silver Mound can be used in a variety of ways in your garden. Its compact size and attractive foliage make it a great choice for borders, edging, or as a groundcover. It also pairs well with other plants and can be used to create interesting color and texture contrasts in your garden design.




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