Begonia, Fibrous

Begonia Prelude Mix

Blooming Season: Spring, summer, fall

Plant Habit: Mounded

Characteristics: Heat tolerant

Water: Medium to drought tolerant

Fertilize: Bi-monthly

Height: 6" - 8"

Width: 10" - 12"

Exposure: Shade

Varieties: Prelude

General Information:

Fibrous begonias or Wax begonias are known for their beautiful flowers and glossy green foliage and easy care making them a popular choice among gardeners. An ideal accent for containers, baskets or garden beds in shady or semi-shady conditions.

1. Variety of Colours: Fibrous begonias come in a wide range of colours, from bright reds and pinks to soft pastels and whites. This variety of colour allows you to create a visually stunning garden with a mix of different shades and hues. 

2. Easy to Grow: One of the biggest advantages of fibrous begonias are that they are relatively easy to grow. They thrive in both part sun and shade, making them versatile for different garden conditions. Fibrous begonias also have a high tolerance for heat and humidity.

3. Low Maintenance: Fibrous begonias require minimal maintenance, making them perfect for busy gardeners or those new to gardening. They have a fibrous root system (hence the name!) that helps them absorb water efficiently, reducing the need for frequent watering. Additionally, fibrous begonias are resistant to many common pests and diseases, further simplifying their care. They have thick leaves with a waxy surface that helps to retain moisture in the leaves.

4. Long Blooming Season: Fibrous begonias have a long blooming season, providing you with continuous colour and beauty throughout the summer months. These plants can bloom from spring until the first frost, ensuring your garden remains vibrant and attractive for an extended period.

5. Versatile Uses: Fibrous begonias can be used in various ways to enhance your garden. They are perfect for flower beds, borders, hanging baskets, and container gardens. Their compact size and bushy growth habit make them ideal for adding pops of color to small spaces or creating stunning focal points in larger areas  by mass planting.

6. Attracts Pollinators: The vibrant flowers of fibrous begonias attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies to your garden. By growing these plants, you can contribute to the health and well-being of these important pollinators, helping to support the overall ecosystem.




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