Hardiness / Exposure: Zone 3 / Full sun

Height: 5 ft

Spread: 5 ft

Fruit Size: 1-2 cm

Fruit Colour: Red

Harvest: Mid summer and again in September

Uses: Fresh eating, canning, cooking and preserves.

Pollinator Required:  Self pollinating.  Fruits on floracanes, second year canes, in July.  Bears a second crop of fruit in September on the primocanes. Canes can be pruned completely off in late fall with a lawnmower for ease of care in the patch but the next summer there will only be the primocane crop in September. Double Delight can also be treated like a summer bearing cane and only the 3rd year, dead canes are removed. This method will produce the two crops, July and September.

Planting Instructions: 

-Dig a hole 2-3 times the root ball width and same depth as root ball.

-Carefully remove plastic pot.

-Position the root ball in the center of the hole and ensure the cane is standing straight. If necessary, tip the root ball to adjust.

-Partially backfill the hole with loamy soil, firm the soil to remove air pockets, water to settle the soil and finish backfilling around the root ball with good soil.  Avoid using heavy clay-based soil.

-Remove tags and labels.

-Water soil well at planting and continue to water throughout the summer.

-Applying mulch will help help retain moisture and reduce weeds.







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