GEMINI APPLE Malus x 'Jeffcoutts'

Hardiness / Exposure: Zone 2 / Sun

Height: 16 feet

Spread: 13 feet

Fruit Size: 7-8 cm

Fruit Colour: Red over pale yellow.

Harvest: Late August

Uses: Gemini is a hardy variety that produce large, sweet, crisp fruit. The fruit are excellent for fresh eating and cooking.

Pollinator Required: Requires a different variety of Crabapple, Apple, Ornamental Crabapple or Applecrab  within approximately 150 feet to pollinate and produce fruit.


Planting Instructions:

-Dig a hole 2-3 times the root ball width and same depth as root ball.

-Carefully remove plastic pot and cut through any circling roots.

-Position root ball in center of hole and ensure the tree is standing up straight.  If necessary, tip root ball to ensure tree is standing straight.

-Partially backfill hole with loamy soil, tamp with your heel to remove air pockets from the soil, water to settle soil, then finish backfilling hole.  Avoid using heavy clay-based soil.

-Remove tags and labels.

-Water soil well at planting time and throughout the summer.

-Apply mulch.



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