Petunia, Supertunia

 Petunia Supertunia Bordeaux Petunia Supertunia Vista Jazzberry Petunia Supertunia Minivista Ultramarine Petunia Supertunia Vista Fuchsia Petunia Supertunia Vista Paradise Petunia Supertunia Vista Snowdrift Petunia Supertunia Vista Bubblegum Petuina Supertunia Vista Silverberry

Are you looking to enhance your garden with vibrant and long-lasting flowers? Look no further than the Supertunia brand. With its exceptional qualities and stunning blooms, Supertunia is the perfect choice for any garden enthusiast. A much beloved series of petunias that bloom continuously all summer and don't require deadheading. The Vista series are large plants suitable for baskets containers or the landscape. It is a must-have for your garden. The Supertunia Mini Vista have smaller flowers but just as much mega blooming!


Whether you want to create a colorful border, fill hanging baskets, or add a pop of color to your patio containers, Supertunia can do it all. Its adaptability makes it a valuable addition to any garden design. Supertunia flowers are not only visually appealing but also attract beneficial pollinators such as bees and hummingbirds. 

The Supertunia brand has a reputation for excellence in the gardening community. With years of experience and a commitment to quality, Supertunia has become a trusted choice for gardeners worldwide. When you choose Supertunia by Proven Winners you can be confident that you are selecting a top-performing plant.



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