Soil Mixes

We have a variety of soil mixes for all your needs.  Available in various sizes.

Top Soil, Play Sand, River Rock, Bark Mulch and Bark Nuggets Available

Pro Mix HPCC
   3.8 cubic feet Pro Mix HPCC, SunGro #7, Pro-Mix BX



Organic Potting Soil

 Organic Potting Soil 40 L



Organic Potting Soil
Organic Potting Soil 20 L



Hanging Basket and Planter Mix 

Hanging Basket and Planter Box Mix 20L



Peat Moss
 Peat Moss 35 L
Sheep Manure
 Sheep Manure 18kg
Pro Mix Seed Starting Mix
 Pro Mix Organic Seed Starting Mix 1.4kg
Pro Mix African Violet Mix
 Pro Mix Premium African Violet Mix 1kg
Pro Mix Orchid Mix
 Pro Mix Premium Orchid Mix 1.4 kg
Pro Mix Tropical Plant Mix
 Pro Mix Premium Tropical Plant Mix 1kg
 Pro Mix Vermiculite .9 kg
Pro Mix Perlite

 Pro Mix Perlite .9 kg






 Miracle Gro Potting Mix Moisture Control

8.8 litre, $10.99


























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